Got questions? We’d love to help you get answers.

Sometimes it’s not easy asking questions so the last thing you need, once you have worked up the courage to do it, is someone who refuses to take you seriously. Worse still are those who use the opportunity to try to impress or seek to tell you what you want to hear, rather than the truth.

God is real and God cares, therefore he has provided answers to every important and reasonable question a human being could ever ask. What’s more, if you are a genuine seeker, the truth that God has revealed is really great news – in fact it’s the best news you could ever hear!Church1

We at Camden Presbyterian Church are far from perfect and we are still learning but we take seriously the need to answer questions and treat questioners with the utmost respect.

We’re located at 42 John Street, Camden, NSW
We meet at 9:00am and 10:30am every Sunday
And you can contact us through this website.

The ministers position is currently vacant. Church contact number is 0455 898 626  (One of the Elders will respond)

Weekly Update

Hi dear friends

This Sunday we have our 2 services meeting at their usual times: 9.00am and 10.30am. Both services are followed by morning tea so please join us in that.

John Murray, son-in-law of our preacher Mike Wilson, is bringing the message to us and it will be great! Please come and hear him speak on Daniel chapter 4.If you miss for any reason contact Margaret Freestone for your CD copy of the sermon.

Our Kids Club starts back on Friday afternoon, Sunday School on Sunday morning, and our Youth group at 7.30pm on Friday night. We are small in number at youth but would love for any young people to come and join us each Friday night at 7.30pm. Contact Armin G or Steve T for details. The roster for helpers will be in the Hall on Sunday …so sign up please!

Our Annual General meeting is on this Sunday at 3.00pm. Members are requested to come and are able to vote. Any non members are welcome also.

We are on the search for our new minister so be excited and prayerful as our team are in the Selection Process.

The New Directory will be out next Sunday, Mothers Day, so as you come along, collect your new copy so you can keep up with other friends in prayer and with a phone call or message.

In Christian love

Ros Davis for the Session (4th May 2018)

Youth Group 

Youth meetings are back on from this Friday 11th May at 19h30

We will cover the book of Daniel this term parallel to what we are learning on Sundays – some refreshment  –  some new and challenging thoughts for our young men and women.

Last term we handled some difficult topics pointing to how, as young people, we are to live differently in the world.

Daniel is a perfect follow up book to help us see that God turns all idolatry (*living our own way) on its head but deeply honours those who honour Him.


Do you have any questions?
Do you have the courage to ask them?
If so we are here to help!