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Men are afraid to touch lepers for fear of catching their disease. Jesus wasn't nearly as offended by bacteria as he was by sin but his willingness to touch sinners is…
These words of Jesus are among the wisest words ever spoken on the subject of living successfully and laying a foundation for eternity.
An overview of the journey from Egypt to Mt. Sinai which can be seen as a period of engagement prior to the marriage that will take place at Mt. Sinai
Only a fool would want to face God as Judge in a public hearing.
Is it possible for a child of God to be separated from God?
Our feet are swift to shed blood but are we willing to fight the war that will really end all wars?
The existence of life gives good reasons to believe in the Resurrection - without which there is no reason to hope.
Encouragement for genuine Christians who struggle to live as they know they should.
The law that teaches us not to covert is one which gives us a key to understand how to understand the law and to shaping our desires so that they…
Humans cannot enjoy life while ever they are under condemnation and have nothing to look forward to.