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If you avoid the cross it really doesn't matter what you worship because the rejection of the cross leaves you on the side of the prince of this world on…
Grace has been given so that we might live a new life and have the benefit of God's wisdom to do good. It was never intended as a license to…
God's people run the danger of being superstitious if they don't respect his natural laws.
We don't need to understand ourselves or cure ourselves of the human condition when we are in the hands of the one who understands us best and loves us most.
Grace cannot work in the world and it canno fail in the kingdom of God

Supernatural Change

Everyone would like to gain mastery over the human condition but only the Christian plays fair.
We hate to wait for Justice when we are the offended party. Be thankful that God was a lot more gracious.
Once a person has been adopted by their heavenly father they can break the cycle of bitterness and forgive their earthly fathers for no being God.
Hospitality is something we study these days, not something that comes naturally. But in Hebrews 13 we learn that love should be first on our minds.

Grace Works

Are you hoping to get what you deserve, or would you prefer to trust in God's generosity?