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Being a teacher of the law and professing one's knowledge of God's revelation makes you no better than a non-believer unless you live by what you know.
You cannot say that your conscience has truly guided you unless it has brought you to the foot of the cross.
In Genesis God invites us to a life of discovery. In Solomon that light shone briefly. In modern man the light is used to blind us to the truth.
Our personal struggles with sin can never lead to condemnation

Body Works

We are all gifted so lets give ourselves to one another in love.
The obligation of being debt free is to lighten the load of others.
Eternity is in your heart - and God wants you to fill the void.
Mariage, like all of God's gifts comes with a lot of surprises they are all meant to be good for us.
An open door awaits us when we arrive at our new, Heavenly home.
Marriage is a place of safety, a sanctuary for two people, a place that should be kept pure.