Christianity Introduced

Christianity Introduced 1 – Session 1 of a 7 session series which introduces Christianity. In this study we examine what Jesus said, what he did and how those who witnessed him responded to determine who he was. Christianity Introduced 2 – Second in the series – explains in details the significance of Jesus death, why … [Read more…]

Death and the Origin of our Species

Did Adam’s parents and grandparents die? Was he the product of natural selection? Have theistic evolutionists really thought through the implications of their views as they deal with the Bible’s explanation of the origin of sin and death?

Hating The Enemy

We sometimes find expressions of hate for the enemy in the Psalms difficult to reconcile with Jesus’ command to love one another. Here are some thoughts to consider.

Marriage 101

Marriage is boot camp for Heaven so don’t expect it to be easy. Here are three rules that might help you to succeed where others have failed.

The Governments We Deserve

The whole world is focussed on Barack Obama and the promise of hope and change he represents. One man is expected to save, not only his own country, but the world. How plausible is our reasoning? What does God say?