Christianity Introduced

  • Christianity Introduced 1 – Session 1 of a 7 session series which introduces Christianity. In this study we examine what Jesus said, what he did and how those who witnessed him responded to determine who he was.
  • Christianity Introduced 2 – Second in the series – explains in details the significance of Jesus death, why it had to happen and how we can benefit from it.
  • Christianity Introduced 3 – The Third in the series. All about the resurrection and its implications for all human being.
  • Christianity Introduced 4 – The fourth in the series. What is the criterion for salvation and can you ever be truly certain that you are saved?
  • Christianity Introduced 5 – The Fifth in the series which deals with the personal response of repentance which is commanded of all mankind and necessary as the means of appropriating the salvation Jesus has won for us.

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