Brokenness – We often allow our perfectionism to get in the way of our walk with God because we don’t like having to rely on grace. Being broken is very frustrating and discouraging but God has a cure for broken people, not for those who have got it all together.

We are Very Fragile

We are Very Fragile – A short tract to explain the point that God is trying to get across to us through the Tsunami of 2005. God has to turn up the megaphone sometimes because we refuse to listen.

Has God let you down?

Has God let you down? – Blaming God when things go wrong puts you in a better position than trying to pretend he doesn’t exist. However it still indicates that you have missed the point that God is trying to make.

Studies in The Westminster Confession

These studies, based upon the WCF and some of its prominent commentators (S. Ollyott and J.A Pipa, Jr), are designed to highlight the major doctrines of the bible. Grounding in these major areas of God’s Word will strengthen families and church members in their defense and explanation of the gospel. 1 – WCF – The … [Read more…]